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Simban has created a brand-new travel-themed metaverse that gamifies digital twins of the real world and a fantasy world, enabling users to "try before they buy" in virtual recreations of real places, and allows them to book real hotels and locations directly through the metaverse.
By introducing Travel-Fi, we will be able to break down geographical barriers and improve the quality of life for millions of tourists while connecting the real world to the Web 3.0 future.



Simban will grant you full control over your in-ecosystem assets. A non-fungible token (NFT) minted and stored in your crypto wallet is your avatar, Digital ID, land, tickets, level-up material, or crafted item. You can also sell it on our marketplace.


Simban creates 'digital twins' of real-world locations, resorts, islands and hotels so that potential visitors can get a feel for the place before visiting. If you like it, you can make a reservation directly through our digital metaverse.

Travel-fi Metaverse

A true trip metaverse experience is created by gamifying actual locations and fanciful components, which will be available this year through your Oculus VR. Players explore and discover visually stunning locales while earning tokens or NFTs by using an avatar and a unique Simban citizen ID.


Staking is a way of earning rewards for holding Simban tokens or Simban NFTs. There are available staking pools you can choose from to stake your assets.


Simban is making its internal ecosystem digital wallet available for download on iOS and Android this year. Your digital assets, in addition to partner and travel awards, can be stored in your Simban wallet.


To play and enjoy all of simban metaverse tools and platforms, such as our Mac, Windows, VR experiences, or books trips and activities via the metaverse, the user must register and enter our launcher.


Get your unique ID portfolio to play with.

Players will need an Avatar and a Simban Digital ID to participate in Simban's metaverse, which can be obtained for free or purchased based on access levels.


Join us now and apply to become a landholder.


$Simban is an access token that serves as a "currency" within the Simban ecosystem. Tokens of $Simban can be used in a variety of ways. In order to access and participate in certain activities within the SIMBAN worlds, players must own a certain number of $Simban tokens.



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